Frilly Fantastic Fun

This has got to be the silliest, most frivolous, most wonderful pillow shop I’ve ever come across. Can’t you just see the Mad Hatter sipping his tea on this couch?

Click here to check out That Funky Boutique.


There are officially 32 people in this world who “like” my Facebook page. Why is this relevant? Because I could finally change the web address after the 25-people threshold.


Will you “like” me too? Who knows what the next threshold begets…

(Psssst! Hint: search through my news feed on the Facebook page and you’ll find a coupon code for my shop… Just sayin’.)

Springtime Freebie: Pretty Desktop image

I know I’m supposed to be on hiatus, working and all, but I just had to share this lovely freebie.

I’ve been following Geninne’s Art Blog for some time now… she always has such beautiful photographs of her work, it inspires me to get busy myself! Click here to visit her blog and download the free desktop image.

Milk, please. No sugar.

Photo found here.

I know you’ve all been just DYING to know my life history, secret fears, and whether I prefer coffee with cream or milk. Right? Right.

Check out this interview for the whole dirty scoop.

And while we’re at it, I’ll let y’all know that you probably won’t be seeing much of me around here for the next month or so. Once I get my life a little more in order (i.e. once the semester ENDS), I should have a little more time for fun things.

Until then, mi amigos.