Proof that New Mexico, too, has Fall

Notes on a joyful revelation:

Glee. Got caught biking in the rain today, gallon of apple cider strapped to my back. Sheets of writing water lay over the roads.

Earth can’t keep up.

Cider’s on the stove with spices now. Wish I had a ladle.

I grated orange peel with a knife, put the shavings in a cloth bag to float in the murk.

The stereo is full of guitars. Yoga mat is laying out to dry. Bike’s on the front porch, wiped down and hoping not to wash away.

I’m in a rocking chair, grinning like I was while flying down the road, mud-spattered.

Hail, autumn! What took so long?

You got distracted in Mexico, fell in love with a poor and beautiful girl by the sea. I can’t blame you.

But I’m glad you are here.


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