I Dream of Domesticity

It had to happen sometime.

The itch sets in.

The biting of lip, quick movement of eye to the left.

Gotta get my fix. Gotta. Get. Can’t. I NEED A CUP OF COFFEE! No, I just need… my computer. I guess I just couldn’t hold out a blog-addiction virgin forever.

And what did I fall upon that really caught my eye, got me hook line and sinker, made my parade? DOMESTIC BLOGS.

I dream of gray walls, hand-wrapped vintage bead earrings, and “upcycled” (because really, who still RE-cycles?) Ball jars full of wildflowers. I crave the smell of rising bread in the kitchen. I dream of the first knitting project I will someday finish that is not a scarf or anything RESEMBLING a scarf.

What feeds this obsession? Your blogs. And Etsy. That’s all it took. And, in the spirit of a true domestic blogger, if that is indeed what I will become, I will share with you some of my “faves” of the moment. (Note: This will NOT be Halloween themed.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the feminist beast has been tamed, and I fully embrace my inner homemaker goddess.


Cake Stand by whitneysmith


Bare by andrearogers


Vintage Map CUSTOM Sterling Silver Necklaces by AnneHolman


Tub Caddy made of Reclaimed Oak by PegandAwl


2 responses to “I Dream of Domesticity

  1. Hi Danielle, I love your inspirations here, especially that tub caddy. Thank you for featuring my cake stand on your blog! best, Whitney

  2. andrearodgers

    I am away from my computer for one day and you put me in your post! Thank you again!

    I love your blog by the way.

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