British Beauty

In the last six days, I have been told on separate occasions, by separate people, that I look like:

a) I am British.

b) I should live in London and write a fashion blog.

and my personal favorite…

c) I’m from the part of the Mary Poppins movie where they all step into the picture frame. I still can’t say I’m entire sure what this one is referring to. I hated Mary Poppins as a kid.


Do I really look all that British? I mean, sure, I like nifty old fabrics, sometimes wear pearl earrings, have been known to speak with a pseudo-British accent from time to time (unknowingly, I’ll add), and usually wear a wool hat and coat… Oh. You mean I’m STEREOTYPICALLY British? Well that’s another matter all together.

So I did some sleuthing on the net, and am now officially no longer a British fashion blog virgin. Let me be the one to tell you that these fashionistas from the isle do not mess around. I’m in awe of their prowess of the cloth. Below are some visual aids to exemplify why I now can understand why some people just don’t think I am American.


What is essentially my tan wool hat, but in grey:

Linked originally at Lulu’s Vintage Blog


What is essentially my wool jacket, but with puffed sleeves and bigger (HUGE!) buttons:

Loose Lapel Wool Coat by Lwangslife


And what is my conclusion from all of this Sherlock role-playing:

Bloody hell art print by ScreamPrinting


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