Colleen’s Country Cottage Knitted Socks

This picture is enough to make me consider playing hooky. (Nevermind that we had four snow days last week… sigh…)

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick
US 13 – 9.0 mm

Check out Colleen’s Flickr page for the link to the pattern.

She says: “These socks are strictly house socks and nothing more. Silly me, made these with the intention of wearing them inside my wellies on cold days, but they are far too thick for that:( They’re perfect for around the house though…but they do tend to slouch down the leg making them a little annoying having to readjust them every so often.

If I were to make these again, I would use a better yarn and knit them in a smaller needle, in hopes that they fit and feel a little nicer.”

Thanks for the tips! Hope I can start on a new knitting project soon. It’s a tie between these socks and fingerless gloves. Hmm, warm toes, or warm hands? Hard to say…


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