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Springtime Freebie: Pretty Desktop image

I know I’m supposed to be on hiatus, working and all, but I just had to share this lovely freebie.

I’ve been following Geninne’s Art Blog for some time now… she always has such beautiful photographs of her work, it inspires me to get busy myself! Click here to visit her blog and download the free desktop image.


“She looked around, and life was pretty amazing”

1. Anna Moller

2. 19th Century Japanese Pregnancy Doll

3. Dawbis

4. My Friend Jules

Green Faerie Dust

Minty Magic

A leprechaun would be very upset to be called a fairy. I never really considered Saint Patrick’s Day to be just for the little green men, though. For me, it was fair game to get excited about all magical creatures – mermaids, fairies, leprechauns, selkies, gnomes, giants, sphinxes, even invisible cats.


I grew up with some SERIOUS Irish roots on my mother’s side of the family. Saint Patrick’s Day was a big deal. One year, the leprachauns came into my room while I was sleeping, and arranged my Barbies on the floor to read “TEE-HEE.” Another year, I stayed up an hour past my bedtime, waiting in the playroom cupboard holding onto the string that would pull the pencil out from under the shoebox trap I had made, catching my green little friends inside.

My favorite Saint Paddy’s Day joke was the gallon of green milk I found one morning when I went to get a bowl of cereal. My mother must have used a lot of food coloring for that one.

And that yummy green milk.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Be green. Be safe. Be Irish. :)

Whimsy and Wine

That’s all I want in life.

1. Go to the forest

2. The Sartorialist

3. So whimsical