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Oxford Interpretations

1. From Paris to London

2. Biker

3. An Oxford street

4. Karen Gillan

5. Pop of color

6. Students

7. Skyline


Monday Magic

Photo here

Maybe I’m just hormonal, but I’m having cravings for a secret hideaway. Remember reading The Secret Garden for the first time as a child?

and here

and here

and here

and here.

Friday Fail

Sorry guys. Between one thing and another (i.e. Chemistry and Anthropological Genetics), I failed to produce a legitimate post for today. So instead, I’ll just give you a pretty picture. We’ll call today “Photo Friday”, to make things sound more planned. But hey, at least I took the photo myself.

Have a relaxing weekend that includes lots of chocolate and quilted blankets. :)

3.5 Snow Days in Albuquerque…. really? Really?

Photo by August Allen

When I lived in Montreal, we got lots of snow and no snow days.

Growing up in Vermont, we got some snow and infrequent snow days.

Now living in New Mexico, we get a quarter of an inch of snow and 3.5 days of mayhem.

Anyone else notice a strange trend here?