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Berry Bags, Fish Belts, Lettuce Thongs and the Coming Snows

Most people who I hear talk about the weather around this time of year are moaning and groaning about how they wish summer could last just a little longer. Not me! Where’s the snow?! I’ve got the Christmas station on the radio already (95.1, for those in the Albuquerque area), and I celebrate every time I can put on a sweater in the morning.

That said, there is nothing like the farmer’s market goodness that goes on in the summer and early fall. I will miss all the fresh fruits and veggies this winter. Here are some curious, pretty, and tantalizing pictures to help the warm season go out in style. Everything was created and then photographed by Fulvio Bonavia, as featured on Beautiful Life.

I wish this idea were actually feasible… It’s like the world of Charlie’s chocolate factory, but with more class and a nutritional sensibility.

This belt is a personal favorite. Does anyone else read this as a quasi-political statement?

Oh my. I can’t decide whether this would be more or less comfortable than the real thing…

Etsians! Someone make a non-edible version of these, please?