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Frilly Fantastic Fun

This has got to be the silliest, most frivolous, most wonderful pillow shop I’ve ever come across. Can’t you just see the Mad Hatter sipping his tea on this couch?

Click here to check out That Funky Boutique.


I Dream of Domesticity

It had to happen sometime.

The itch sets in.

The biting of lip, quick movement of eye to the left.

Gotta get my fix. Gotta. Get. Can’t. I NEED A CUP OF COFFEE! No, I just need… my computer. I guess I just couldn’t hold out a blog-addiction virgin forever.

And what did I fall upon that really caught my eye, got me hook line and sinker, made my parade? DOMESTIC BLOGS.

I dream of gray walls, hand-wrapped vintage bead earrings, and “upcycled” (because really, who still RE-cycles?) Ball jars full of wildflowers. I crave the smell of rising bread in the kitchen. I dream of the first knitting project I will someday finish that is not a scarf or anything RESEMBLING a scarf.

What feeds this obsession? Your blogs. And Etsy. That’s all it took. And, in the spirit of a true domestic blogger, if that is indeed what I will become, I will share with you some of my “faves” of the moment. (Note: This will NOT be Halloween themed.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the feminist beast has been tamed, and I fully embrace my inner homemaker goddess.


Cake Stand by whitneysmith


Bare by andrearogers


Vintage Map CUSTOM Sterling Silver Necklaces by AnneHolman


Tub Caddy made of Reclaimed Oak by PegandAwl