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Lacquerbird is Bacquerbird: 365 Drawings-a-Day Project


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Featured Guest: Gaby’s Drawing-A-Day 365 Project

A drawing for The World According to Garp, by John Irving: “In this dirty-minded world…”

Hi everyone! Gaby here, from the Lacquerbird blog. Let me start by saying…

I am a terrible blogger.

I have tried to blog many times, and every time it begins with a big hoorah, an exchange of URLs and back-pats from my other blogging friends, a first entry, and then… nothing. Like those people who have short-term memory loss from running their bike into a tree or eating paint chips, I not only forget that I had a blog, but that blogs exist and I told people to read mine.

But this time. This time is different. This time I’ll be posting A SKETCH A DAY. This may be a finished drawing, a very small sketch, or something entirely different. I knit sometimes, maybe I’ll post a hat. The point is, this is a commitment. And I’m gonna commit.

Ready yourselves, interweb.