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“She looked around, and life was pretty amazing”

1. Anna Moller

2. 19th Century Japanese Pregnancy Doll

3. Dawbis

4. My Friend Jules


Cole Rise and the Art of Inspirational Flying


After finding these photographs by Cole Rise, I was seized with paired urges to a) jump really high, and b) read a fantasy novel, preferably one that involved flying.


In Sun

Probably because of the holiday season, I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude, and what I am blessed with in my whiny little existence. But jokes aside, I am truly grateful for all artists who bring this kind of beauty into the world. For me, they hold equal ranks with life-saving doctors, inspiring teachers, heroic moms, and anyone else who makes a difference. Because really, creating and sharing this beauty is another way of improving the world.

Semi-sappy, pseudo-inspirational rant over. Here, look at one last pretty picture before you go: