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“She looked around, and life was pretty amazing”

1. Anna Moller

2. 19th Century Japanese Pregnancy Doll

3. Dawbis

4. My Friend Jules


A Gift for You and Your Computer

These fun freebies are an easy way to brighten your desktop. Check out the links to download!

From I Love Typography:

From Pixel Girl Presents:

From Fossil:

From Vlad Studios:

Hope you’re all doing something fun and festive on this Christmas Eve.

I am going to be spending all day in the airport, feeling sorry for those who have to work on the holiday. I’m considering bringing around Christmas cards to all the airline workers… Safe travels to those of you who will be spending the day similarly!

Most Difficult Part of the Holiday Season? MEN.

Dads, boyfriends, husbands (I assume), brothers, uncles, and male friends are impossible to get gifts for. If you try to get them something serious, they’re bored with it. If you try to get them something funny, you inevitably miss their sense of humor completely.

Affordable Gifts for your Sensitive, Dark, Tall Glass of Water

So I put together a little gift guide for the man in your life, based around an item that I’m actually purchasing for my hubby. (See if you can guess which one it is… it’s hidden in there somewhere.)

Happy last-minute-holiday-shopping-frenzy-oh-no-will-it-make-it-here-in-time?-I-hope-so Shopping!

Trinkets and Treasures: A Procrastinator’s Best Friend

Etsy is one of the most addicting websites to use while procrastinating. Any time there is anything important that needs to be done, you can be sure to find me busy Etsying. (In my world, this has become a verb.)

The treasuries are particularly addicting. Here are a few of the ones I had the most fun making, and still drool over from time to time. (I’ve linked the pictures and titles to the original treasuries, in case anyone wants to do a little holiday shopping! God knows I would, if I could afford it…)

Winter’s Coming to the Land of Enchantment, a  New Mexy Team Treasury

I’ve recently joined the New Mexy Etsy Team, a group of artisans in the Land of Enchantment. I didn’t really join for any strategic business purposes, networking, or resource sharing… I joined because I wanted to meet like-minded people who live in my area. Already I’m getting inspired by the constant updates of new items being posted, hearing about gallery openings and baby birthings, and really feel like we are building a supportive, inspiring community.


Sparrow’s Morning

Creams, ivories, and shades of beige get me every time. Who knew white could be so dynamic and expressive?


Octobre á Paris

Ahh, Paris… je te manque.