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Back in Action

(Image taken at the 2007-2008 New Year’s all-night vigil in Dessab, Haiti. Copyright Elle Boudreau 2008.)

Hello all! After a long break, I’m back in New Mexico and ready for a new semester, year, and set of failed New Year’s resolutions. Here are mine for 2011:

1) Read silly and inspiring books.

2) Reinstate my short-story-a-month commitment. Write one per month, for a year.

3) Go on adventures. Regularly.


I think that THESE, at least, I can stick to.



“I suppose you COULD” DIY Christmas Ornaments…

… But buying them is also fun!

Yesterday morning I discovered that you can create a Christmas music station on Pandora, and have been in Christmas-craze ever since. The poor Boy is going crazy to the tune of age-old carols, Tchaikovsky, and Bing Crosby’s Christmas album. Weeeeeee!

This afternoon I discovered some adorable Christmas ornaments on Etsy that would be SO EASY (seriously, like the Staples button) to make. However, as I support independent artists, as soon as my PayPal account is bolstered by another sale from my shop, these little beauties are going straight into the shopping cart. It’s like trading goods for goods. I never even see the money I make. It just goes into supporting some OTHER artist. I like to think it is a financially sensible system.

Check out these pretty, festive, little things. I promise, I won’t come after you if you get to these items before I do.


For baby’s first Christmas…

Custom Keepsake Bird Ornament by maternalNEST

For the whole crew…

Quilted Star ornaments by JoJo Couture


For the new couple…

Personalized nest ornament by dearjes


And just for fun!

Owl Ornaments by BeetsandBernice