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Why I worship Graphic Designers

I need to buy the Bible of graphic design. Is there such a thing? I’d love to learn, but my school schedule is too full of things like Genetic Biology and General Chemistry to do fun things like art.

Until I find that magical book, I will enlist the help of talented graphic designers to make my world pretty. Gabrielle of Lacquerbird Wireworks is both a saint AND multi-talented. When I saw her gorgeous banner design on her shop (see the link above), I had to beg for her assistance. You can beg for her assistance, too, if you find her on Etsy shop above, or at her Flickr page.

The before, my clunky, rather frumpy own banner…

And voila, Gabrielle’s GORGEOUS makeover after:

I can’t believe how much this design makes me like the color pink! (It looks even better in the shop!) As I asked Gabrielle after it was done… “When did I become such a girlie girl?”

If you are among one of the chosen ones who can work this magic: kudos to you. Now show me your secrets.


Feel-Good Vintage

Do you have that favorite scarf, or hat, or piece of jewelry that just makes you feel like YOU? I realized yesterday while getting dressed, that for me, that item is a vintage necklace I found while browsing a flea market just south of Burlington, VT with my mother. (There are matching earrings, too. But those are just too gaudy for everyday use.)

My Vermont vintage find


Since this vintage necklace makes me feel good, I almost wonder if I should start a collection…

Mary Quite Contrary Necklace

I found Sabrina Hackett’s eye candy treats on the Heart and Handmade Blog.  They are upcycled modern vintage pieces, pretty enough to eat. I’ve never wanted to munch on a piece of jewelry so bad in my life.

Doggie in the Window Necklace