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3.5 Snow Days in Albuquerque…. really? Really?

Photo by August Allen

When I lived in Montreal, we got lots of snow and no snow days.

Growing up in Vermont, we got some snow and infrequent snow days.

Now living in New Mexico, we get a quarter of an inch of snow and 3.5 days of mayhem.

Anyone else notice a strange trend here?


Cozy Flickr Finds

Winter Wonderlands aren’t just around for Christmas. It’s cold here today (in New Mexico, too, I mean come ON), so I’m reinstating the magic.

Untitled by Zazazed

En fila 1 by Franco Rostan

Snow Day by Available Light Photography

Untitled by Mister Sullivan

Winter 2011 by Brittany Marcoux

Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend. On the schedule for me is: 1) repaint the office gray; 2) watch some Doctor Who; 3) drink lots of English Breakfast tea; 4) watch some more Doctor Who; and 5) do homework.

I know. I lead a thrilling life.