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Hopelessly uninformed

How many seats are currently in the house? How many presidents have we had? How many children does Obama have? Who is our Secretary of State, again?

Is it true that all of our founding fathers were alcoholics?

Where do I stand on this whole immigration debate? What is the debate about, specifically, anyway? What does it take to become a legal immigrant? Do they cap the number on it every year? If so, what’s the number?

Whose brilliant idea was it to have single member districts? Where can I find him?

What is democracy? Who benefits from it? Are we really democratic? How do you explain public interest groups, then? Is our government just based on lies and bribery, like some people will argue? Is it based on just and noble and fair values, as others argue? How long do we actually have a shot in hell at sustaining this form of government? When will we collapse, go out in Rome-style?

Who are our Supreme Court Justices? How many women are on there? When did the first woman get on there? And what’s the deal with this affirmative action, anyways? Do any politicians pay attention to structural inequalities, address those, or are we all about the band-aid here?

How much power does the media have? Who has it? Tell me more about Rupert Murdoch, internet. Am I media by writing this here? How does one actually get a blog out there in cyberspace for people to read?

Flag burning is legal, but do people do it all that often? What do modern Confederates actually believe in? Do they want to be a separate country? Doesn’t every state have some sort of separatist ideas, or at least the states where it would be marginally feasible geographically? Who exercises free speech, really? Where can I find a protest to participate in, or even just see?

FBI, CIA, something that starts with an N… who are they? What are their roles? Are my texts to my boyfriend being closely monitored? Should I be paranoid?

How different are the states, really?

And where can I find all of this information?