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First interview as an artist!

I’ve been on the other side of the camera, so to speak, many times. I’ve interviewed doctors, lawyers, graduate students, even a curandero. But this is the first time I’ve been interviewed for MY stuff!

Janelle of Nomad Crafts Etc. put together an interview and some archived photos in her blog. Be sure to check it out for all of my People’s-magazine-worthy dirty little secrets.

If you like what you see, come say hello at my Etsy shop. There will be brand new items posted later this week… stay posted!


Feel-Good Vintage

Do you have that favorite scarf, or hat, or piece of jewelry that just makes you feel like YOU? I realized yesterday while getting dressed, that for me, that item is a vintage necklace I found while browsing a flea market just south of Burlington, VT with my mother. (There are matching earrings, too. But those are just too gaudy for everyday use.)

My Vermont vintage find


Since this vintage necklace makes me feel good, I almost wonder if I should start a collection…

Mary Quite Contrary Necklace

I found Sabrina Hackett’s eye candy treats on the Heart and Handmade Blog.  They are upcycled modern vintage pieces, pretty enough to eat. I’ve never wanted to munch on a piece of jewelry so bad in my life.

Doggie in the Window Necklace