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The Week’s News: In Iambic Pentameter (Close enough, anyway.)

“New York Herald Tribune!”

I had this great thought today. You remember doing found poems in high school? You know the ones: you pull words from news headlines that stand out to you, and make your very own brand new poem out of them. If you do them well, they actually make sense have have “poetic meaning”. If you’re me, they’re hopefully at least entertaining. (er…..)

And then I thought: Hey! We have technology! (I promise I don’t live in an ACTUAL cave.) Why not embed links to the news stories in the poem?!

So that’s what I did. Click on the underlined words in the poem to be taken directly to the news story!

“What news on the Rialto?”


Jude protests the galaxy cover-up, and

Blames the Beatles

for the

Snow fall on a


from a far-flung star.

Such a common, petty