Beautific Blogs

Here is a list of some of my favorite blogs that I follow, idolize, adore… you get the idea.


Ellie of Mint (This, my friends, is where it all began.)

Oh, hello friend (Even their name is cute. Sheesh.)

Papernstitch (Love the DIY she puts up!)

Olga Bennet Photography (Simple, beautiful photography that makes you appreciate the small things.)

Pia Jane Bijkerk (A wonderful design blog.)

sfgirlbybay (Hip, beautiful, interesting – these posts have it all.)

{le} Internet Cooking Princess (Funny girl. Yummy recipes.)

Petite Carousel (I originally found them on Etsy, loved the shop, and now I love the blog!)

Urban Weeds (Oh, Portland. You’re so trendy.)

A Practical Wedding (No, not getting married… yet.)

Fresh 365 (Vegetarian goodness!)

Chez Larsson (For a healthy dose of Swedish style.)

Valdirose (Beautiful photographs with captions in Italian. How I wish I could read them!)

The Fabric of My Life (She calls it an “inspiration blog”, and I wholeheartedly agree.)

Lacquerbird (Drawing a day. So cool.)

To be continued…


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